Super Power!

Super Power
Super Power

By Kimmys

Kimmy’s Bags, Luggage & Fashion Accessories is a Female Empowerment Venture Cottage Industry. The idea behind the effort is to showcase a profitable micro Industry that is home-based and provides the needed environment for Working Women in accordance with our own Religious and Cultural Norms. In a Conservative Society, Women should not be unnecessarily forced by economic circumstances to be exposed to the hustle-bustle of traveling to work in a male-dominated workplace. If through networking, a group of females can be trained and provided with the needed machinery/ equipment to produce marketable goods at home and avail collective marketing on their behalf, they will prosper and provide income enhancement for their Families. As a result, there will definitely be an increase in Nutrition as well as comfort at Home. The advantages to Society are of immediate concern as there will be an increase in Goods that can also be Exported to improve the Financial condition of our Country. Peace and Wellbeing is another advantage that Society will gain at large. Subsequently, there will be an improvement in Education and better conditions for the Children of such Homes.