Donate Money for a a Sewing Machine & Station to a Needy Woman!

Rs.Pk75,000 "inc Sales Tax"

There are many Female-led Households struggling to meet two ends meet. Some with invalid or Drug Addicted Father’s and many more with insufficient income despite having earning Male Members. Your Donation of Rs. 50,000.00 can make the difference between Poverty and a Sustainable Livelihood. For a Female to work and earn from home is a Blessing that goes a long way in bettering the future of many children. We guarantee delivery on merit and provide Training and Piece Work Contracts in order to insure Income from Sewing Machine Stations emplaced through your kind donation.

Items Provided:

Modern Sewing Machine.

WorkBench & Accessories.

Threads; Scissors; Thimble.

Steam Iron.



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A Stitch in Time!

Sewing Equipment

                          Sewing Accessories.


Home Made

                        A Stitch in Time!


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